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The small details flavor the moment. A hinted word or a meaningful phrase, our individual handwriting with all its nuances, the way we take a moment from our day to acknowledge someone else…this process of connecting on paper holds the key to what “noted.” is all about.

“Marni has a way with words, so it’s only natural she started her own adorable stationery line.”

Emily Schuman
Cupcakes and Cashmere


Marni delights in life’s tiniest details: an autumn leaf on a New York City sidewalk, a magic phrase in a book, or a smear of ink on a handwritten card.

With noted. she is thrilled to share her favorite details with you – a scalloped notecard edge, the ridge of deep letterpress, and the richness of vibrant color.

Welcome to Marni’s charming little world. Everything is personal.

Jaimee Rose